It can be said that Matteo was born one afternoon in late April in that of Negrar, a small town on the outskirts of the 'fair Verona'.

It can be said that from an early age he binges of movies in black and white, cartoons, theater of the Venetian tradition and excellent children's books in a entropy's mixture of images that will prove lethal! In short, Vittorio De Sica is to Ariel the little mermaid as Totò is to Gladstone Gander.

It can be said that he enrolled in a tecnical school for computer and, of course, completely misses the choice of school, a mistake that it proved to be the most rewarding of all. In those five years he has the time to neglect technical subjects and devote himself all his energies to the study of Italian literature and of his declared love since a long time: the cinema. He survives thanks to a huge amount of miracles in the last years of school and elevates at the nth might his love for that 'fair Verona' that he gets about and explores inside out like in a sequence shot directed by one of the old French directors.

It can be said that every journey absorbs it, intrigues him and drives him to recount the essence through the images, using the only way by which anyone can enjoy those landscapes, those people, those moments like William Faulkner: captured just in one hundred of a second, but that will come back to life a hundred years later.

It can be said that some years later he also discovered Rome, 'the great beauty'. Metropolis to love and hate at the same time, which tells every day and explodes under the blows of each different type of art. University exams are followed by the theater and the theater by photography without abandoning writing, moreover supported by cinema and painting accompanied by music that couldn't exist without the images that it produces. Everything is unequivocally Red.

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