“The sea was calm that September 23, 1943. When my father arrived on the beach, with blood still dripping from his forehead, he saw twenty-one of his best friends. Everyone was there. It was like the evening in the dance hall. But this time he did not feel the music, there was only fear. But the real fear.”

I would like to open the “news” section of my new site with this excerpt of the show La foto del carabiniere written and directed by my teacher of theater Claudio Boccaccini.


It’s a show that I love and I replicated with emotion and emotion because it is a story that everyone should know.

Today, 23 September, marks a historical episode very dramatic but, fortunately, remembered with great emotion even now after years and years.

During World War II, a young policeman on the beach Palidoro sacrifices himself to save the lives of twenty-two innocent young people and chooses to be shot by a platoon of German soldiers.

No need for other words of introduction to the heroic act of this young Italian but, eventually, words of thanks and praise for an undisputed hero of our nation.

Salvo D’Acquisto died at twenty-three years. We need to know this.

“And now my father understands. He understand that Salvo is not the real name of the policeman. The real name of the soldier is Salvatore. And now he goes to meet the fate imposed by its real name. He could be Salvo but chose to be Salvatore. Now Salvatore is not longer Salvo.”



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