The focus of today is for a photographic project sensational regarding dissemination and simplicity. The brilliant author of this idea is called Brandon Stanton and is an American boy born in Atlanta moved to New York.

Photographer amateur starts, a few years ago, to immortalize the people he meets on the streets of the city. He don’t look for celebrities or famous people but shoot portraits of simple people: men, women or children. The common feature of all these people is the fact that they are completely unknown. Foreign. To each subject immortalized, then, Brandon published a brief excerpt of the conversation which took place at the time of the picture, just an exchange of words. Now you’re probably wondering if his blog has had success. Suffice to say that the Facebook page of the project gathers today more than 15 million likes and that the page Instagram has 4 million followers.

Thanks to the initiative of Brandon and the related fundraising, the college has been paid to an entire school of children of color in the Bronx and one of these students, thanks to the spread of the project, was then photographed in the Oval Office next President Barack Obama. The name of the entire project could not be more appropriate: "Humans Of New York". Today Brandon travels to dozens of war-torn countries to collect photographic evidence and further spread its own initiative. It has, then, many imitations internationally by other photographers who tread in his footsteps. Read more here is the link to the official website:


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